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Simply arrive.

In Germany, you are required to take out some insurance policies yourself. Here we form the basis for your health and prevention.




With these services, you are on the safe side.

These insurances are not mandatory. However, should a claim occur, it can quickly become expensive. Therefore, it is worthwhile to insure yourself here.




The next steps to your financial freedom.

Once the proper insurances are secured, your path to financial freedom begins. Together, we will find the right investment opportunities for you.



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My Story

Copy: About Alicia; Trust aufbauen, zeigen, dass sie die Herausforderungen ihrer Kund:innen selbst am besten kennt und nicht nur aus Erfahrung, sondern auch durch zahlreiche Zertifizierungen gelernt hat.

and welcome!

My name is Alicia and I have made it my mission to help expats arrive in Germany – especially when it comes to financial planning and insurance.

I have Indian roots and was born in Barcelona. When I came to Germany in 2009, I was initially overwhelmed with the insurance system in this country. I know first hand how confusing the insurance system can be when arriving in Germany.

Since 2018, I have been self-employed as an insurance expert and financial advisor specifically for expats and internationals in Germany. Let’s get your insurance basis covered and then work together to carve out your to path to financial success!

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How to make a kind of boring and sophisticated topic interesting and attractive? Just ask Alicia. I've got luck to become Alicia's client and later during our business talks (including small talks) i also learned a bit about Alicia herself. And she is the best example of what she does: pretty, healthy, self esteem and confident educated and experienced person. Expert in things she does. Keep rocking!

Alexander Krivtsov

Alicia helped me start my investments in Germany. She is always full of options and ideas. She personalise each investment plans tailored according to your personal goals. Alicia is very friendly and very easy to connect at the same time a very professional bold lady who knows what she is doing when it comes to her work. I am glad we work together and I will recommend Alicia hands down to anyone.

Sivanand Shankar

Alicia is very friendly, helpful and easy to work with. I had endless questions before deciding on the best suitable options for me. But she always responded patiently and helped me to clear my doubts. She knows her field well and her way of explaining complex concepts is superb. It was a great experience working with her and I would be happy to recommend her for any financial planning in Germany.

Sushma Goutam

As a foreigner living in Germany, I wanted a firm grip over my finances. I finally stumbled upon Alicia’s LinkedIn page and loved how she explained financial topics in layman’s terms. With the help of Alicia, I was able to buy my first apartment in Germany and started thinking about personal finance in a very different way. I feel more confident about my financial situations and would recommend Alicia to anyone who is living in Germany and struggles with investments, ETF’s, insurances, etc.

Neeraj Sujan

As soon as I met Alicia, I had a good feeling to work with her. She is professional, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She takes time to explain topics she is knowledgeable about in detail, and answers all the questions I could have. I am very happy of her services and would recommend her to anyone wanting to make investments in Germany. She eased the stress I had regarding my pension concerns and I am grateful for this. Thank you Alicia!

Andréanne Touchette

Alicia is ultra efficient, super helpful and very kind. She explains you all the details in perfect English and Spanish. She guides you through the complexities of the German system. Always responsive and fast. She gives you honest advice and helps you compare your options. I can only recommend her service to other expats like me. Many thanks Alicia. My landing in Germany has been much easier thanks to you! And the peace of mind of having an expert with you is priceless.

Marcos Alonso Camacho Marín

I am very contented with Alicia’s assistance in finding the right liability insurance, as it is difficult to achieve alone if you are new in Germany. I happily recommend Alicia here on LinkedIn, and will do in person whenever I have the opportunity 😁

Dimitra Kritikou

I found Alicia through Youtube and she helped me through with my financial questions. She found ways to improve all my insurances and guided me to find the correct ones! I can recommand Alicia for any financial questions and guidance!

Antoine Fauville

I got Alicia’s contact through a friend and was great to have a chat/call with her about my Liability Insurance. She is super friendly and expert in her field of work, which makes things hassle-free for someone not belonging in this field. She is always ready to help and support and gives her best. I would highly recommend her for any financial advice or any Insurance related queries. Best customer satisfaction. 5 stars. Thanks, Alicia :).

Narpreetkaur Panessar

Alicia has given a guest lecture in one of my marketing courses. The topic was female freelancing, thus shedding light on starting up as a freelancer, female empowerment and of course do's and dont's when it comes to marketing. With her natural and joyful attitude, Alicia's talk and the discussion between my students and her were meaningful, producing relevant insights and we all had a good time. Thanks a lot and farewell, Alicia!

Prof. Dr. Mark R. Ayoub

I have gotten to know Alicia as a financial planner with a lot of different facets of knowledge. Especially concerning insurances she offered great knowledge. She helped me to find the right solution for my situation in a quick, easy to comprehend and affordable way. All in all, it is a pleasure to work with Alicia as she is a very friendly and open person.

Ulrike Wolf

An extraordinary bright person that knows her craft. A great help for people that are not familiar with the German system as well as for the people that want/need help with securing their financial future. Never thought that talking about finances could be fun. Finding solutions with Alicia is a real pleasure!

Daniel Ropot

I am generally impressed with the level of knowledge Alicia has about various options available for expats to save taxes in Germany. Not only that but she can also be your skilled advisor, should you come across any sort of requirements dealing with finance and credits or so. We felt very comfortable and understood while consulting with Alicia and we are happy with her advice to keep our finance in check. Would highly recommend her services and consultation.

Lalitkumar Bhamare

Alicia offers professional help for people who is trying to integrate into the German society. Financial support, but also offering her aid to other aspect such as health insurance. She explains using simple concepts and illustrates it through figures. Making it simple to understand and easy to grasp. This is not an easy task to achieve, but she does it well. I would strongly recommend her to people who is trying to live and survive in Germany, not knowing the language themselves.

Christofer Nguyen

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